The end of fossil-fuel cars

The mobility world was hit, a few weeks ago, by two big announcements. On July 5th, Volvo announced that by 2019, all their new models would be hybrid or electric. The next day, Nicolas Hulot, France’s minister for the environmental and inclusive transition, declared, during the presentation of his Climate Plan, that France would ban the sale of diesel and fuel cars by 2040. Are internal combustion engines (ICEs) really on the brink of extinction? Let’s dig deeper.

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Will centralised OEMs survive blockchain driven decentralisation?

Guest post by Dovu, a company which has created a unique open-source cryptocurrency to enable seamless transaction of data between consumers and mobility services.

As car ownership is declining, the consensus in the automotive industry is that vehicle utilisation needs to increase above its current 5% rate. As traditional mobility companies are looking for new revenue streams, there is a new class of startups emerging, eager to leave their footprint on the transport sector: blockchain companies.

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What if blockchain moved the world?

Blockchain, a system which allows digital transactions to be conducted without a third party intermediary, is best known for the role it plays in Bitcoin. The famous digital currency was invented in 2008 by an anonymous genius going by the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, only two months after the collapse of Lehman Brothers. But Bitcoin is only one of about seven hundred applications – some of which in the mobility industry – that use the blockchain system today. Blockchain is to Bitcoin what the Internet is to emails if you will, and it is described by many as the biggest technological invention since the internet.

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Airbus: the Pop.Up story – interview

A few weeks back, we published a blog post on urban air mobility, in which we presented Pop.Up, a two-passenger, autonomous, multi-modal vehicle concept. This week, we decided to dig a bit deeper into this revolutionary idea by asking Mathias Thomsen, general manager for urban air mobility at Airbus, a few questions. To learn more about Airbus’ projects and how you will one day be able to fly around town, don’t miss his keynote speech at Autonomy 2017 this October in Paris.

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Flying cars over our heads

Being a Paris-based company, it was easy for us at Autonomy to attend the International Paris Air Show in June. The novelty of this 52nd edition was the showcasing of 100 innovative start-ups, in association with the international incubator Starburst Accelerator. That is how we came face to face with flying cars. They’re not exactly what we’d expected after watching The Fifth Element, but they’re here. Over 50 projects around the world are trying to conquer the sky, and several are already well-advanced in terms of technology and funding.

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Bike-sharing on steroids

Autonomy’s offices are in Paris, and while the French capital is home to many important and disruptive transport companies, it has clearly got progress to make in the bike-sharing business. Which is why a few weeks ago, we met with Chinese startup Ofo, one of the first to offer cities a free-floating bike system. We are hoping that their presence at Autonomy 2017 will encourage a broad adoption of this concept, as well as its improvement.

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ADESA, the key to understanding the urban mobility revolution

Take any city and look at the way people move around. There may have been some improvements but the global picture hasn’t changed much in 50 years. It is estimated that by 2050 there’ll be 6 billion urbanites, a startling fact which makes it all the more urgent that we replace single car ownership with cleaner and more efficient ways of commuting. But when will the tipping point happen?

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Now that the elections are over, let’s build a sustainable future

Hi there,

I would like to tell you a bit about my journey with Autonomy and what I believe Macron’s victory could mean for sustainable mobility.

I am a South African entrepreneur who moved to France in late 2014 with the intention of building a powerful independent platform to help speed up the transition to sustainable urban mobility. It all began when my business trips to Lagos, Delhi, Copenhagen, Berlin and other cities, kindled a fascination with urban mobility. As a keen cyclist I appreciate efficient mobility, and as someone concerned with global warming and pollution I appreciate clean mobility. Continue reading “Now that the elections are over, let’s build a sustainable future”