Why Autonomy’s Urban Mobility Summit is More Important than Ever

Why Autonomy’s Urban Mobility Summit is More Important than Ever

When I began Autonomy in 2015 I knew that I wanted to create an event that did more than just showcase the best sustainable urban mobility technologies. I wanted to explore the stories behind the innovations. To hear directly from the world’s mobility movers and disruptors about what motivated them, what inspired them and most importantly, how they were going to transform how we move in cities. And so, the Urban Mobility Summit was born.

In order to better curate the conference program, in 2017 I brought on board Stephanie Hagen, a former events coordinator for the OECD. A key reason I chose Stephanie, in addition to her prior high-level events experience, is because she is an American who has been living, studying and working in Paris for the past six years. This experience and international profile combined with her keen awareness of the political and technological trends occurring on both sides of the Atlantic, allows her to create a conference series that is all at once incredibly diverse, thought-provoking and forward-thinking.

Now, in 2018, the Urban Mobility Summit is more important than ever. Thanks to the momentum created by President Macron’s “Make the Planet Great Again” and “#ChooseFrance” movements, which are closely following on the heels of Brexit, Paris has become the world’s most influential hub for sustainable urban mobility. The Summit is now at the heart of France’s call for innovative international and European companies to lead the transition to cleaner transportation. Heading into its 3rd edition, the Summit is no longer a simple stage for story telling, but has evolved into a powerful platform upon which policymakers can express their needs and innovators answer them with their cutting edge solutions.

This year’s program will be centred around Autonomy’s signature framework ADESA (Active mobility, Data analytics, Electric solutions. Shared Mobility, Autonomous vehicles ) and will gather the most influential players and thought leaders across these five verticals to explore what tomorrow’s mobility will look like. The actors taking the stage will be coming from all around the world, and across the mobility ecosystem. From startups to large corporations to governments, our carefully selected speakers are addressing the challenges we face due the threat of global warming by changing how urbanites move in cities. Whether this be on our streets, in the air and even on the water.

Our call for speakers is now open through March 22nd and so I encourage anyone who has a sustainable transportation solution to apply. The future of urban mobility will be on our stage from 25 – 26 October 2018, will you be there?

Ross Douglas, Autonomy CEO

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